Day 12 – “Kiwi Strawberry”

You know, I thought I was done with this Dressing Up challenge too seeing as I’ve missed more than a couple of days…


But anyways we’re back! Eh, the point is just to dress up more right? Did it really matter if it was everyday?




(O.O”)…o…ok. But like, I still wanna… dress up… is that cool with you? We’ll just call this the “Dressing Up In MAY” Challenge! How’s that?





So today’s look I’m calling…


Kiwi Strawberry!”



So, it started with me pulling out that simple lime green shirt that made me want to kind of pull a simple, but colorful look together!

Paired that with my bubblegum pink blazer that is slowly becoming a favorite piece to wear here lately. And my light wash skinny denim jeans from New York & Company.

And of course, Ipanema sandals in Beige ya’ll! I am not PLAYING about these Ipanema sandals ok!? I need them in every color! lol Red is next on my list xD.

Hair is pulled up into my go-to puff, pretty much from my last post but with a black headband instead, and some silver loops.


I’m going to do a little grocery shopping which is why I decided to get a little dressed. Otherwise, I probably would’ve just stayed in my pajamas today. It’s been that kinda mood lately.


How you doing?


Love you. Mean it!

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