Creativity Coming Back?

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!?

lol Ok probably not, but this little drawing says a lot about the mindset I’ve currently been in.

I’m ashamed to admit that this past year, I haven’t been very creative at all when it comes to my shop. Honestly, 2019 was a big decrease in how much I was drawing compared to 2018.

I have been using and reusing the same art I drew in 2018 for a whole YEAR. Ugh, that’s hard to admit but I just hadn’t been inspired to create anything.

Suddenly though, I have now just been in a very creative mood! And for the past couple of days I have been drawing my original characters and I’m contemplating adding these designs to my shop.

Another thing is I’m thinking about selling physical sticker sheets only of these characters… at least for now.

I guess I was just perusing through Etsy and I was seeing all of these shops with lots of followers and sales with their own original art. And I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t come up with anything, or any ideas!

People are obviously still buying and they’re interested in the cute and cuddly doodles. I know my characters might be a little… distinct from the usual stick figure or cartoon girl or guy stickers, but hey! There just might be an audience that enjoy my little creatchie characters!


I mean… just LOOK at that face!


I wish I had a better printer because the digital art actually looks a LOT better than what my printer has done (in my opinion anyway).


I’ve always, and I’m still nervous, about really trying to push my original characters as a product in my shop. They’ve always been a part of my brand and I want to do a lot with them.

But there’s always been a big part of me that feels like people will not like it. They will assume my ideas are weird and that this whole endeavor is childish and whatever people might say.

And they still might say it. Let’s be honest lol.

I can’t tell you where this newfound confidence has come from, but I’m riding it’s wave. Suddenly, I just want to go ahead and throw my art out there too!

My REAL art!


Not all this art that I think people might like and art that might draw everyone in. I’m going to draw what I really want to draw and that is my creatchie characters! And trust, there are TONS of them! So far I’m up to 16.

It’s a whole little history behind them. They were originally apart of this game idea that I had that related to the Sonic Team in one way or another. But in a different world.

And the Creatchies, the primary 7 (which Pinky is apart of) were apart of helping keep that world alive.


I tried to create scripts to this idea when I went to school for 3D animation. Over time, I felt like the story of these guys and the rest of the characters just got too….dark lol. I guess I was REALLY going through something back then lol.

Eventually, I revamped it to just making the Creatchies the main characters (whereas in the game/animation series they were considered supporting roles). I just loved they’re designs and thought that they could be remade into something more fun and joyful rather than be related to such a depressing story lol.

Maybe one day I’ll dive further into it. But as a surface thing, there’s 7 of them that relate to 7 emotions which they all execute very well. Pinky is the most balanced out of all of them. There is a curious one, an angry one, a judgemental, a creative one, a pessimistic one, and an overly optimistic. And they were all to help the main character unlock their inner powers to help save the world… yeah.

Think “Avatar the Last Airbender” but with emotions.




Disclaimer: I created this idea when I was in 6th grade, ok.


But I did just get kind of excited reliving that! lol Man in middle school I thought this idea was LEGIT! And I dunno, maybe one day something will come out of it. But for right now, I just want them to be cute and cuddly little creatures to help decorate my planner spreads. That’s their main mission right now.


Ooooh stay tuned! They may be coming to my SHOP soon!


Love you. Mean it!


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