Composting Bin Update #2

It’s been a minute right?

Maybe a month or so, but ya’ll, I feel like the last time I really looked at my composting bin was when I did my first transplanting session with my cherry tomato seedlings

Since then….I haven’t really been paying much attention to it. That includes not really adding anything to it either… 😅

Because I had to add pots to the little Window Garden I got going on meant I had to move my compost bin to a new spot which ended up being right in front of the AC/Heater.

Turns out, that was the perfect spot!

I went and FINALLY checked my compost bin today and imagine my surprise when everything, and I mean EVERYTHING had composted!

Composted so well it went a little sludgy lol but because the bin already had a crack in it and was set in another bin, most of the water had filtered out lol.

Remember, just a couple weeks ago when I transplanted the cherry tomatoes, my compost was still REAL CHUNKY lol.

Today, it was gone. No trace of ANYTHING, every bit of fruit and veggie was GONE.

I ended up adding in some more soil, this time the Burpee organic soil, along with some cut up cilantro bits, a sprinkle of coffee grounds, chopped up tomatoes and baby spinach leaves and mixed it altogether really well and it made for a better textured compost for right now.

I’m really so amazed at how all of this is pulling together!

Lol it’s incredible to think about and how Ahayah has literally been guiding me through this whole thing.

If I were just going by googling and research, I would’ve been spending a ton of money on fancy starting supplies and have gotten rid of half my cherry tomatoes.

But with prayer and being led by the Holy Spirit, everything is just thriving and doing great!

To think, this started with just a cardboard box and some leftover soil. Now I’ve got several cherry tomato plants, cilantro, spearmint, lemon balm, and loquat fruit trees in progress lol.

And I’m looking to add a few more herb jars and a lot of spinach too!

So prep with the Most High!

Ahayah will certainly guide you in all things!

Love you. Mean it!

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