The Daily Blab


For giving us freedom of speech on Twitter!!! …. all while he sits in the background putting his finishing touches on a brain chip for humans they want to bring to life this year… More people need to read the fine print. It’s alarming that so many people feel safe about this. But I’m very […]


Will, Jada and Rock

I’m sure everybody know about the Slap by now… But I’m…. kind of appalled at how much stuff people are letting slide by. Just like in my previous quote post I said “don’t meet a campfire with a volcanic eruption”. First of all, who knows if it was even real. I’m not gonna close the […]


Hydroponic Gardening…

I’ve seen this here and there about Hydronic Gardens… and ummmmm…. I’m not impressed. The conspiracy theorist in me is coming out again lol. Hydroponic gardening is basically gardening without soil. You just sit a seed in water and tend to it from there. No soil needed. Does nobody see a problem with that? Plants […]