But there’s no chip in it…

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But remember?

Remember when everyone said there was no chip in it? That you weren’t gonna be scanned like produce from a grocery store shelf?


Vigorously… SMH.

I’m pretty sure now people are going to try and make excuses to cover this up. I think the laughs are more so nervous cover ups to the realization that there might actually be some true shadiness going on.

And look, this is not me out here trying to say that covid isn’t real and that people haven’t experienced it. But what I am saying is that the presence of realistic sickness does not negate the presence of evil intentions.

Just like the fact that people saying God doesn’t exist and neither does any spirit realm doesn’t negate the fact that He does and there is a spirit realm.

I just want people to be aware. Just because mainstream media is clogging up your news feed with targeted marketing on how this vaccine is completely wonderful and absolutely not detrimental does not negate the fact that there are also major side effects.

Side effects that they clearly are not interested in talking about.

I’m sure with guidance God can lead us to medications that could prove to be a benefit, but ultimately, our healing is in God. Not the doctor.

When Jesus walked on earth and people came to Him for healing, did Jesus tell them to go to the nearest hospital because he had anointed doctors there? Sounds like it could’ve been a great idea! But no. HE healed them. As He also granted the Apostles the ability to do so as well.

Don’t get so swept up in finding a cure that you ignore your faith. There is a problem when people are not willing to discuss the negative about a brand new drug. Obviously, there is to be side effects. Why is every detrimental and documented side effect glazed over and hidden underneath cat videos and other distracting hysteria?

Why can we not sit down and have a true and very blunt discussion of all the shady aspects attached to this? Why is everything automatically labeled misinformed? A conspiracy?

Why are we not allowed to think critically about something they’re trying to make mandatory?

But anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love you. Mean it!

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