Buccaneer Blanket: #FINISHED

I finished my mom’s Buccaneer-themed blanket and it is genuinely a favorite!

The Bernat Blanket yarn is soooo wonderfully cozy and comfortable and she loves it! Finished with at a whopping 56 rows!

My first actually finished blanket. The Cocoa Bean blanket is still kinda struggling through, plus I’ve started another one lol.

This was all the yarn I used…

  • 1.75 skeins of Coal
  • 2.5 skeins of Race Car Red (Brights collection)
  • 2.25 skeins of Vintage White
  • 1 skein of Dark Grey
  • 1.25 skeins of Orange Leaf

And that was all! So excited for her to get it!

Love you. Mean it!

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