The day has FINALLY come!

It had to. That third seedling was just growing WAY too fast and I’m pretty sure it started overshadowing Threebie (the REAL Samakh).

Threebie was past 2 inches tall which is what I really cared about and now, they both have been rehomed.

This transplanting went pretty similar to the last. Because I figured their roots might be intermingling, I watered them earlier and let their roots get a little moist and that made for a very easy massaging of the roots to separate them from each other. NONE BROKEN!!

I added in the soil and what was left of my compost, and mixed it all throughout each pot of soil this time. One pot is 12 inch (for Threebie) and the other is a 10 inch.

I pinched off their baby leaves and planted them as deep as I could along with some cilantro buddies lol. Just to see how they do.

Praying over these two as well, hoping they make it without too much anxiety lol. I think they should be ok though. Now they don’t have to fight with each other…

I have 4 cherry tomato plants growing… does anybody want some tomatoes?

Love you. Mean it!

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