For the longest time, I did not realize that my personal style was “Bohemian“.

I just thought I didn’t have clear enough ideas to know how to put things together and thus, failed as a bootleg interior designer. 😛




But lately!….

This year, I have been pretty much THRUSTING myself into re-developing my personal style and emerging out of my decades-long Plain Jane bubble.

And lawdamercy! It has been so much fun so far!


I’m moving from eclectic planning to eclectic home decor and it’s starting to pull together so nicely.


Today, I jumped up and… my INTENTION was to just do a little window shopping but window shopping turned into a lot of “It’s-MY-money-and-I-want (to spend)-it-NOW!”.

First Michaels sucked me in a bit. I saw so much decor in there, but I emerged not completely wiping out my entire wallet. Just a few things which included some cute, decorative bins that I will use to store my most commonly used planner supplies.

Along with that I also grabbed up a couple of stretched canvas boards since I wanted to create some of my own art and quote paintings. But that will come later in the decor after I start getting the bigger things out of the way.

~ ~

Now, after hitting up Arby’s for a quick snack, I then edged on into my local Goodwill and snagged what I feel was the LUCKIEST steal of the day!

This GORGEOUS antique octagonal wooden end table with a glass top was just calling my name! I debated the entire time I was there whether I should get it because I definitely wasn’t anticipating buying FURNITURE today.


But ya’ll…

The table was TEN DOLLARS!!

TEN DOLLARS! A deal so good til an elderly white man had to stop me outside the store to tell me what a great find that was! xD

I don’t always go to Goodwill, but {insert meme here lol} it’s surely become a favorite go-to spot after today! I’ll be checking in periodically just to see what else I can snag out of there.

Aside from the table, I also picked up some photo frames that I’m gonna figure out something out with how to use them.

Anyways, that’s pretty much all! And until next time,


Love you. Mean it!

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