Becoming A Reality

So, I wanted to release all of my new sticker sheets in June and… we’re currently like 6 days away.

Today, I finally got the energy to get back to working on it! I wanted to focus on… Dealing With The Silhouette.


Haaa, the Silhouette! One of the stresses of having a print and ship sticker shop is dealing with a finicky machine!

There’s not enough light… there’s not enough space… the margins aren’t bold enough… the wifi isn’t strong enough…


But today, honestly, it hasn’t been as much hassle as I thought it’d be. Maybe it’s because I had SO MUCH prior experience from crying and coming within an inch of throwing it from a two story window… I guess I know how to handle it all better.

I managed to not have to mess through a hundred pieces of NOT CHEAP sticker paper. In fact, I only messed up ONE before the rest started going pretty ok.

And my stickers were perfectly kiss cut! I even had it cut out the actual sheet so that everything could be uniformed.

I’m starting to really feel like a legitimate sticker shop now! I’m now setting up more sheets to be printed and cut. I think I’m going to use these excess sheets to take pretty photos to add to the listings.

But it’s nice to know that the Silhouette and I are finally making amends… somewhat. It still tries to be fussy and spit the papers back at me.

But with a little patience and understanding -_-, we’ve actually been making a decent team. 😀


Love you. Mean it!


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