April Goals Reflection

Well, today is the beginning of an entirely new Month and since I decided to post my goals for April… I figured it’s only fair that I update how those goals went, right?

I will just go straight down the line from that post and detail the highs and lows of each one. Let’s dive in!


Moving Into my New Home – 100%

I’m all moved in. I am ALLLLL the way in here!

And let me tell you it was DIFFICULT. Way more stress than I was expecting. While most of it came through in the form of emotional conflict that was self-imposed, there were definitely a few external factors that aided in the anxiety.

Settling into the new neighborhood is still another story. I have yet to actually meet any of my neighbors, I don’t really go out the front door. It’s really been my anxiety and I want to break free of that. I’m not even sure how welcoming they are, but I’d never know that since I never go outside!

Being in my new home has also brought a lot of high and low emotions as well. Feelings of loneliness and like I’m “facing my true self” whatever that meant to me. As if I haven’t always known that I’ve been anxious, shy, and awkward. I guess it just became more apparent of how “quiet” my nature is when I wasn’t surrounded by tons of chaos. And I guess it kinda… freaked me out.

But those are thoughts for another day… let’s not drag them out here. I moved. I’m in a new place. End of story.


Saving Money – 15%

I managed to save a little bit of money this month, surprisingly. Even though I absolutely expended a LOT of finances, I was also able to save a little bit too.

I cut back a few of my bills and also ate at home more towards the end of the month, so that helped out on my eating out expenses. And I definitely was able to keep my moving expenses trimmed down since I had family helping me move. So that was a nice save (or was it? Next time, HIRE MOVERS!)


Working Out Again – 10%

I didn’t really do anything with my fitness until towards the end of the month when I started doing that yoga video.

I was very immobile this month, outside of moving. It’s gotten to a point where I don’t even really leave my bed. It’s horrible!

Even if I don’t go outside, I should at least try to move around. Dance or something! April was really a bad month as far as fitness goes. Everything just fell apart, and especially around moving day.


Develop + Maintain Hair Care Routine – 55%

I’ve finally started taking care of my hair again! I’m too excited, I even took the time out to style it and wore it out the next day!

I don’t usually wear my hair loose and out. It’s normally always wrapped up under a hat or a scarf and that’s it. And whenever I do wear my hair out, it’s only like once a year during the colder months.

So it was pretty nice to have styled it and have worn a nice style when I went out and about. Well, I just went to the grocery store to stock up on a few food items. But still, we can dress up to go grocery shopping! (it’s all we get to do anyway lol).


Engage With My Email List – 50%

Well, my email list continued to grow this month and I got around to sending… one email. 😐

I’ve noticed that’s a pretty good average from me. One email a month. I have a good amount of my subscribers that open them. Probably it’s because they never know when the next one is coming. lol

I don’t mean to be like that, but I also don’t have that much to talk about. I try to make sure I send my subscribers things that they won’t find anywhere else… at least not from me.

And it’s not always freebies. In fact, I haven’t sent any freebies at all other than the one that comes with the initial sign up.

I just send a lot of tips and ideas that don’t make it into a full blog post. And then there are times where I send story-like content. Almost like what’d you’d find here, but written in a way (hopefully) to inspire my readers and also give them insight into who I am.

My email list is not really a place where I’m always trying to sell my subscribers. And with me trying to open my shop, you’d think that would be my number one priority. But it’s not.

I have been sending these half tips-half storytime emails for awhile now. I sent my first story time email last… November, I think. I was afraid that once I started doing that I was going to lose a lot of my subscribers.

And well, I lost some.


But it definitely wasn’t the amount I thought it’d be! I send them along with a mix of other things. My email list has really become a place where I just like to randomly share ideas and stories with my subscribers. And that’s not as often as you think lol.

Which is why I think once a month emails are doing pretty good thus far. I think what’s most comforting about it is that, finally, I’m reaching people that are okay with my more authentic self.

My authentic self who can be kind of goofy, ideas can be out there, I might change my mind sometimes, and love to provide a lot of ideas at one time. I have a couple of OG subscribers that have been around since the very beginning that still open up a few emails on occasion and that makes me really happy!


This is why I want to KEEP my email list the way it is and not just attach it to shop promotions and branding. Even though that’s what all the gurus say. I like the fact that my email list gets to access a more authentic ME and not just “the blogger/the youtuber/the wanna be artist”.

But this section has gotten long enough! Let’s keep it moving!


Research About Stocks – 100%

If there’s one thing I’ve really started diving into, it’s TRADING STOCKS.

I have no idea why I’m just so obsessed with “trying” to study the stock market and trying to make profitable calls lol. I’m completely aware that I am still a newbie. A BIG newbie, there’s still a lot of things about stocks I don’t quite understand.

But I’m enjoying the process of learning. They’re all dipping and diving and rising and flying. They’re all over the places and I’m just waiting it out. I have purchased several more stocks since I first opened up my account last month (March).

I’m, personally, not investing in the stock market to try and “defeat and outsmart” CLEARLY obvious professionals. I just figured that getting some profit, even small profit, is still a benefit in investing. And that’s my stance on that.


Practice French Language – 75%

Est-ce que je parle francaise? Ce depend. Alor regarde ta bouche!

I’m definitely missing some accents there but, hey, we’re getting there!

Before I moved out, I got SO invested in practicing French everyday. Since moving, I don’t think I’ve glanced at my Duolingo app even ONCE!

I absolutely want to get back on it though. I have even considered turning my B6 Travelers Notebook into my “French Language Learning” planner!

I’ve been having so much fun getting more acquainted with the French language. And I want to keep it up. Because after that, I want to venture into Italian!


Get Ahead On My Blog – 75%

Actually, I have gotten ahead on my blog.

Just not as ahead as I wanted to be. I have completely dismissed my instagram account for the month of April. Until, I’m not even sure if I want to keep up with it anymore.

May has been half-scheduled, still haven’t written up the second post for the month. And in fact, with the new Erin Condren planners being released, I’m thinking about switching it. Even though I’m not sure why, I’m not buying a lifeplanner. Not really into them anymore, if I ever was (the hardbound was my jam!).

I am normally a stickler for their Deluxe Monthly planners, but that release isn’t until a little later anyway. I’m at least ONE post ahead of schedule so that’s still pretty good.


Enjoy Life – 70%

Moving day onto the first week of being in my new home provided a lot of new emotional shocks I wasn’t that well-prepared for.

But even with all that, I am still finding myself expanding into this new lifestyle and re-discovering my interests again!

Interests such as gardening, cooking, decorating, and more! I have definitely had more time to have peace and to think, and daydream, and to enjoy life at my own space.

And while there’s been plenty of times where I get down on myself for living life at SUCH a slower pace, I think I’m almost finally starting to see the strength in not wanting life to constantly zoom by.

Which is what I’ve been allowing it to do for the past couple of years. It feels almost foreign to not be stressed out


To actually have downtime with my thoughts and to be able to confidently organize my routine. It just sucks that I also got sucked into such a deep depression, but I think I’m finally coming out of it.

I don’t want to waste anymore time sulking. And I also want to find a therapist. I want help, because I absolutely don’t feel like wasting away anymore days.




That’s a summary of the results of my April goals. Should I also do one for May? I guess…


Love you. Mean it!


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