April Goals In 2020

March has definitely left us with a fresh new perspective on the future, don’t you think?

It’s going to take awhile before we are fully recovered from all of this pandemic’s effects.

But alas, as mentioned before, I am choosing to remain optimistic.

Even in the face of adversity.

Just like my little Red Bell Pepper plants. See how they’re emerging through the darkness of the soil? I like to think that I am the seed that they all once were.

That I am the one covered over in dirt, but one day, I’ll come out of this victorious! And I will come out on the other side and be able to breathe in the fresh air and take in all that beautiful sunlight.


The other day, I had the chance to sit down and work in my Powersheets Planner that I purchased from Cultivate What Matters. It was the time to do my seasonal refresh and to also re-evaluate all of the goals that I started with in 2020.

With that being said, I have created my general goals that I would like to accomplish in this uncertain second quarter. But there are a lot of BIG things I’m expecting to take place just in April.

And so, I thought it’d be fun (and perhaps motivating?) to sit down and detail what I would like to accomplish solely in April. And here they are in no particular order:


Move Into My New Home!

One of the biggest things I am expecting to happen in April is moving into a new home! I’m really excited and, even though it is in the midst of very uncertain times, I am still planning to press forward with this new endeavor.

Currently, I feel like no matter which decision I make, it wouldn’t be completely satisfactory.

Should I give up on my new place, I would still have to renew my current lease anyway and it would most likely still go higher. For one thing, I am not very comfortable anymore in my current place and I’m looking to expand into a more a suitable atmosphere.

And then, there is the opposite action of going for it and the worse that could come out of it is that… I lose it.

Though, when I thought about it entirely… if I lost this new place due to a job loss… I would also lose the home I currently have.

So if we’re going to be losing anything, may as well have and lose the thing you wanted most, right? Hahaaa LOGIC!


Save Money Where I Can

Obviously, with a big move and a reclining economy, cutting costs wherever I can is kind of a BIG priority.

This will be the time to test myself to get creative and CHEAP. Let’s see if I can really do that lol.

Not only will I be trying to cut costs while moving, but I also plan to trim down my bills, sell anything I can afford to part with, and I will also continue to work more on my online shop.

Technically, my shop launched in March but… the virus took it’s toll on everyone around the same time. I didn’t feel comfortable at all promoting my new shop launch then and I still feel rather nervous about doing so now.

But alas, I am also a blooming business owner and artist and I can’t just NOT promote myself because of it. Everyone else is out there still promoting themselves, I should be able to as well, right?


Get Back To Working Out

Because the virus caused so many businesses to shut down their brick and mortar shops, that meant gyms closed down as well.

I absolutely LOVE going to the gym to workout. I have little to no motivation to workout at home anymore.

The thrill, motivation and inspiration I get from going and seeing everyone around me pushing through the burn just can’t compare to working out to a monotonous DVD video.

So, with that being said, gyms reopening in April are not promised. But that doesn’t mean I can give up on my health completely.

I had been doing so WELL working out every week since January started. And in March, I just totally failed at trying to do anything more than a walk.

I’m due to get a GOOD workout in once I start moving house lol, but beyond that I do want to get back into a workout routine again. Even if it’s just a little bit, I want to start doing something!


Develop & Maintain Hair Care Routine

I have long natural hair that is about waist length when stretched. And it’s been this length for a few years now.

One of my hair goals has always been to achieve tailbone length stretched hair. I’m not sure if I’m STILL trying to get that far, but I would like to surpass my pretty stable current waist length.

It’s been about a year of bare minimum care with my hair which is not good. I’ve gotten away from a lot that I used to do.

I have a good regimen for my hair in place, it can just be a bit time consuming. This month, I want to start developing a hair routine again and maintain it. Hoping to see a lot of hair retention this year!


Engage More With My Email List

I am very hit or miss with my planning blog’s email list. And over the past couple of months, it has really grown!

I realize that email is a very integral part of blogging and just business in general. But I have the hardest time trying to figure out WHAT to send and how that will captivate my audience.

I want to really work on that in this upcoming month.


Research More About Stocks

Stocks! I really want to learn more about buying stocks and how to invest.

The economy dipping the way it is has provided a great opportunity to start this up.

I’ve always been intrigued about how I could get my hands into investing and real estate. And while I’m not quite a financially sound to invest in a property, I figured that starting out with stocks is a great foot in the door.


Practice the French Language

Duo has some nerve, you know?

But I do want to continue to practice the French language more. I’m not sure if I’m aiming to speak it fluently yet, but I do want to learn more words from different languages.

I should be practicing at least 15-30 minutes a day on the Duolingo app, (so they say). And I also sometimes google phrases and listen to French songs (I really like J’ai Deux Amours by Madeleine Peyroux here lately).

I don’t feel that would be enough to speak an entire language fluently but… I’m having fun doing the little bit I do now.


Get Ahead On My Blog

Between all of the things I’ve opened up, my planning blog has definitely received the biggest spike in recent months.

But I’ve allowed myself to slip away from the schedule I put in place. I even missed an entire month of March in regards to posting or even sending an email!

Not good.

So in the month of April I want to get ahead of my blog. This is in relation to my blog posting schedule, my IG schedule and possible emails if I can come up with anything.

I would like to have April, May and maybe a bit of June scheduled (or at the very least DRAFTED) and ready to go. My goal is to stay 1.5 months ahead of content relating to my planning blog.


Enjoy Life

Yes, this is an important one.

I really want to embrace this new level of my life and start putting good routines into practice.

I’ve spent a lot of time working aimlessly and burning myself out. But this time I want to work smart and efficiently.

I want to put my efforts into things that will benefit me and not just settle into the standard workflow of life.

I’m in the mindset that things can be so much better than they are if I just change things up a little bit. If I just put myself out there a bit, be a little more proactive and just go for it, I will reap the benefits I’m looking for.


I guess I’m just trying to keep it positive because what’s the other option? Keeping it negative?

No thank you.


Well, those are my goals for April! Looking forward to accomplishing at least the first one! What are your goals for the new month?


Love you. Mean it!



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