Another Bernat Blanket!

Ever since finishing the Buccaneer Blanket for my mom, I just REALLY wanted to whip one up for myself lol.

Look, the coziness is UNDENIABLE!

So, I have started on my own blanket that’s got lots of purples and greys. It’s utilizing one striped yarn skein. And I’m calling it…. hmmmm…. what.. am I calling it?

Maybe just call it the Cabin Cozy for now, though I’m not in a cabin… with the fabric as well as the colors, just seems like a neat blanket you would take to a cabin or something lol.

So, the colors that I’m using for this blanket are all Bernat Blanket, from the same collection. And these colors are: Purple Haze (this one is striped), Aubergine, Dark Grey and Vintage White.

The pattern I’m using comes from Yarnspirations and it’s called the Bernat Lush Life Blanket but I have tweaked mine a bit.

In their pattern, at some point, it calls for doing a row of single crochet stitches when working on the back side.

I don’t do any single crochet stitches for mine.

It’s double crochet through and through!

I don’t know if it truly makes a difference in anything, I just prefer the double crochet stitch whenever I can squeeze it in. 🤣

So yeah! That’s it! I’m so excited to see how this looks when it’s finished!

Love you. Mean it!

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