Amping Up The Body Care!

The stress has not been kind to your girl, but self care has truly been the kryptonite!

Here lately, I’ve really been interested into diving deep into the realms of body care products. What started as just a tiny love affair with Bath ‘n Body Works lotions and body creams has now started to sprout legs and run towards the whole beauty care aisle in general!

Today’s haul includes some things specifically for face and skin care. One of those things being Black Girl Sunscreen! Since I’ve been walking more consistently and the summertime is now here, I have, unfortunately achieved a wonderful chevron tan lol.

My v-neckline and arms outside of the short sleeves of that shirt are all much darker than the rest of me. xD It made me remember like hello! I know you don’t go outside as much, but you still need protection! And with that, I started to look into some nice, melanated-aimed sunscreen.

It’s not even like that! If you have any kind of color on you, then you already know regular sunscreens will leave you with that white, pasty residue making you look ashy all over. XD Let’s not even front! lol

So I came across Black Girl Sunscreen with an SPF 30 rating and I was all in! It’s pricey, but since I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and have been using it pretty regularly, I have to say I think it’s a wonderful sunscreen for black people (yes, men are buying it too!). It’s thick and it coats you thoroughly, but at the same time soaks into your skin so well and dries clear!

Formulated with a range of oils and butters, I’m glad I came across it and decided to pick it up! Definitely a staple, especially now that the ranging summertime sun is upon us.



Second item I decided to purchase was Base Butter’s Radiating Face Jelly and ya’ll!!!

I think this is the one.

It’s an aloe vera gel based moisturizer formulated to sink in and hydrate giving you light, refreshed and moisturized skin!

Ok, so for me… I don’t really have a facial routine… at least, nothing outside of the Oil Cleansing Method which I’ve been doing off and on for maybe the past DECADE. When I’m not doing the OCM…. I’m not doing anything… I KNOW!!! Naughty naughty!

But when it comes to beauty and body care, I am very much an earthy kind of enthusiast. I think over the years, there are certain ingredients that I just love in my hair and body products in general, and aloe vera is definitely one of them!

I applied this to my face last night after my OCM (for now, I just use a mix of avocado and castor oil) and I absolutely fell in love with the feel of this product. You are instructed to rub it into your T-Zone area first and then outwards around your face.

I love that it’s a water-based moisturizer because it soaked into my skin so easily and did not have an oily/greasy feel afterwards like I’ve had with different lotions early on. It felt like I was rubbing in a gel on my face and it left my skin feeling so light and refreshed but soft and moisturized!

What’s even more so is even with my forehead currently looking like a Nestle’s crunch bar from all the stress bumps lol, this product still managed to give my face a nice, healthy glow. It’s only been one day, so I’m trying to reel in my excitement and satisfaction with it a little until I use it more frequently. But as of now, this product is right on track to becoming a favorite and a staple in my skin care routine!



Self Care In General?


This does have me thinking a little bit. These past few months, I’ve kinda just been operating from a winging it perspective. It’s hard to plan anything for some reason and I’ve just kind of been dealing with things as they pop up.

Needless to say, self care has definitely vanished and I find myself drowning in a sea of never-ending problems and hardly making any time to just… be.

I feel like body care is the ONE thing I’ve been holding onto for a bit of sanity throughout all of this. The simplest act of taking a hot shower and lotioning up afterwards, then putting on my fuzzy aloe vera socks and letting my feet soak in the moisture has been a consistent highlight of my day.

Now that I’m getting back into consistently doing my OCM, I find that is also apart of my therapy as well. And I just want to start including more relaxing things like that and TRY to make it a consistent regimen of some sort.

Here lately, I’ve been interested in bath bombs! And using my garden tub more. Maybe taking a bath every week? I was doing that previously but I just really got away from it. But I think it’s time to go back and start intentionally making time for myself again.

Outside of bath bombs, I was trying to think of other little things I could start implementing that might help restore my sense of peace and…  mental stability. I must say, I’ve gone back into my spiritual endeavors again, and by that I mean reading the Bible. 🙂 That definitely helps provide a sense of comfort, and I guess it’s also leading me to take better care of ME again as well.

Stop spiraling out of control for once! lol when did you even lose handle of the steering wheel!?

I think for now… bath bombs are going to be the new experiment. That, and I want to get back to practicing playing my piano again (been slacking with that one). I’ve pulled out an old blanket that I want to finish crocheting. Getting back to doing my hair, dressing up, ya’ll I don’t know WHAT happened and why it happens so frequently!

But we’ll get it together! We most CERTAINLY WILL!


Love you. Mean it!

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