Am I Doing Too Much?

Sooooo… I hopped onto Seedsnow about a week ago and bought a handful of new seeds!

Really just a handful of herbs including Italian basil, fenugreek, rosemary, dill, thyme, cilantro, parsley and even some marigold seeds!

But…. I also got some other seeds… 👀

German Butterball
Russet Burbank

…. yeah…


The two types I got were German Butterball and Russet Burbank.

What I’m gone do with homegrown potatoes, I don’t know lol.

I don’t have a way to cook them nor does it make much sense to take up spots to grow them…. or does it?

I really wanted to get started growing more root vegetables because they’re nutrient dense for one thing, and they’re a very filling food.

Them, along with rice, can go very far!

Potatoes are a great food to have on hand, plus they can easily be stored long term. And when they go “bad”, because these potatoes obviously are homegrown, they don’t have any chemicals sprayed on them to stop them from sprouting.

Enter random idea…

Until I get to a place where I can actually USE them… I’m going to spend this time multiplying them if I have the time for that obviously.

Ahayah has been leading me to be a lot more focused on planting and growing stuff despite not being able to really use a lot of it at this moment lol. I guess in time it’ll all make sense… that’s what I’m going with anyway.


Today, I got started planting my potatoes. I actually cut them all up into pieces yesterday and set them on the windowsill for a day to let them heal.

Both types have their own 5 gallon pots!

One pot had some leftover Styrofoam in it, so I broke off some small pieces to place over the drainage holes to keep the soil from draining out too much.

Then, I layered some good ol Burpee Organic Seedling soil over it and also added in some of my compost and mixed it altogether.

These potatoes pretty much took up ALL my little compost bin…

Then, I planted each potato piece in with the most prominent sprout facing upwards, and covered it in a layer of soil. Then watered it really well!

Sat them in their designated spots and WALLAH! We now have little potato babies lol.

I believe it takes potatoes like 3-5 months to grow and that you continously add soil as the plants get taller. So! I’ll be keeping you updated on this as well. What are you growing?

Love you. Mean it!

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