Hello & Welcome


Sooo… you actually managed to find this blog?

You must be REALLY bored.


Because here on Clevermynd, I’m just talking about me.

Yep, basically.

I like doing too many things that I find hard to fit into a niche blog, because you know what? Sometimes there are just other things I’d like to talk about without having to create a whole different blog about it!

Here, you’ll find a lot of content of me just blabbering about with my random thoughts (hence the name of the blog). About what?

It could range from anything to do with personal development, to hobbies such as hair care, gardening, arts and crafts, and many more topics.



And by the way, I’m MsKraizy.

Aside from that, if you’re looking for more collective thoughts that are better researched and are about planning and productivity, then feel free to stop by my planning blog Kraizy Colorful Plans! Or even my shop!


So, if you’re into this kind of random content, then be sure to subscribe! If not, or maybe you’re just browsing around for now, that’s all good. I hope you have a wonderful day anyway!


Love you. Mean it!