A Shady Part Of Me


A couple weeks ago when I started developing that shortness of breath and going through that whole episode, which I believe now is attributed to having an anxiety attack, I was looking for a game to play.

A nice calming game that didn’t induce rage, raise my blood pressure in anyway, and overall would just calm and relax me enough to be able to sleep through the night.


And THIS turned out to be THAT GAME.

lol oddly enough, the whole focus of this game is about a girl who is battling her own fears and anxiety. And her shadow self is the one who helps and supports her in…basically getting a grip and fighting through to reach the light of the other side.

It is a puzzle-style game through and through! With pretty much no actual heart racers. A very calm and therapeutic game to play with an endless supply of time as you, the character and the shadow character work together harmoniously to figure out each puzzle and take a journey through therapy… together.


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The physical character is afraid of the light and so, only is able to work in paths that are in the darkness. The shadow character is a source of light, and so only works on the paths of the puzzle that are in the spotlight. They work together and you cannot go with one and leave the other. It is a very teamwork based game.

They never actually speak on what was troubling the character, why she was so fearful of the light and so on, so you could put yourself in place of the character’s shoes and see it as well… you working through your own fears.


Which I very much did. lol


The story doesn’t delve too deep as to make it depressing and sad to play. But you do get an understanding that there is something troubling this character that she’s trying to work through.

Ohhhh I absolutely LOVE this game! From the art style, the motivational words that came along with it, the brain-rattling puzzles and the overall story of it. Definitely a wonderful game you can play at night, especially if it is anxiety that is keeping you up all those hours.

It’s great to keep your mind engaged and a pretty decent length. I kinda wished it was a bit longer though, but it was cool altogether!


Overall, I LOVE! And I definitely feel like it’s worth a purchase if you’re looking for something relaxing to play.


Love you. Mean it!

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