A Little Bath ‘n Body Works

I love to get some body lotions from Bath ‘n Body Works!

Actually… I just love buying lotions period. lol

Bath ‘n Body Works was a place that I used to buy from years ago, and just recently I’ve pretty much found my way back!

So far, what I’ve noticed is that they seem to discontinue a lot of scents rather quickly. And I think they also reformulate some of the scents they bring back. Personally, I don’t think they smell drastically terrible obviously since I still buy them.

I’ve already established a few favorites, but unfortunately, because they discontinue all the time, I’ve had to resort from either trying to find a similar scent or googling for the original.

But anyways, primarily, I just get a few bottles every couple of months from Bath ‘n Body. And here’s what I got for this round!


Sunshine Mimosa

This was a new scent I was interested in trying. I’m normally already wary of buying scented products online, but it got a lot of great reviews so I was like “ehhh… why not?“.

The reviews though hardly commented on what the scent was. Just that it was a citrus-y scent is what I got from it. And now that I have it and can smell it, let me describe to you what it smells like to me…


A veeerry sexy orange.

XD But seriously! It smells like an orange that just got out the shower. To me it’s a very nice mix of fresh floral scents as well as energizing hints of citrus! It lends itself more to the perfume-y side without it being too overpowering to me.


Winter Candy Apple

This was actually a repurchase from Amazon because Bath ‘n Body Works discontinued it. Which I suppose is fair…THIS TIME… since it seems to be a holiday scent.

But this Winter Candy Apple!? UGH! LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It smells like a very warm and wintery bubblegum. I think I can get candy apple from it, but it smells like maybe an apple-flavored bubblegum. It’s such a nice sweet candy scent, it’s definitely a favorite!


Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day was a staple back in the day so of course I had to repurchase it! Another sweet scent, maybe almost like…licorice? I don’t know, it’s just a nice sweet, very happy and uplifting scent. It’s probably what clouds smell like after a rainy day lol.


Cucumber Melon

EVERYBODY has a cucumber melon scent! Honestly, if you’ve smelled this scent once, you’ve smelt it forever lol. But even with it’s common scent, I still absolutely love it especially for the spring and summertime! Just a nice, fruity, canteloupe-esque scented moisturizer!


I usually love to use lotions at night right after a shower so it can soak in throughout the night. There are some scents that still linger by the time I get up in the morning, but a lot of them are very faded. So I don’t think they’re staying power is that great.

But it does keep me nice and moisturized throughout the following day, so to me, it’s still fulfilling a purpose. And it also leaves my sheets smelling so GOOD! lol


Anyways, that is all for this beauty haul. 🙂


Love you. Mean it!

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