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You know, when a new year is on the rise, and we all… or at least a lot of us… start getting really excited in preparation of the times ahead… a lot of us like to sit down and try to come up with something known as a “Word of the Year“.

And for me, I had been on such a fiery high from… December? Maybe even August and I just had been intentionally putting myself into a better mood despite everything crashing down around me.

It was while I was prepping my Powersheets that I finally decided on what my word of the year would be. And I mulled over it a bit, but I knew I wanted it to have something to do with GROWTH. Because that’s what I REALLY wanted this year to entail.

I looked up the definitions of Growth, Flourish, Nurture, Resilience, none of them seemed to stick. And then it hit me… Blossom.


That was PERFECT!


Definition of Blossom as defined by a quick Google search:

“mature or develop in a promising or healthy way.”


There’s other definitions of that but whatever, this was the one I went with lol.

But this is exactly what I envisioned for my year. To be in a state of moving. I wanted to start transitioning out of my unhealthy mindsets, behaviors, patterns, and I wanted to become open to the better things that were meant for me.

And along with choosing the word Blossom, I decided to make it a little more symbolic and attach a flower theme to my word.

Initially, it started out as a Cherry Blossom. But I looked into the meaning of it and… I don’t know, I wasn’t impressed lol.

A cherry blossom signifies basically that “Life is too short” which, in hindsight isn’t a bad meaning. It just means to live life to the fullest before you die.

But… I just didn’t want to tie any negative meanings to my year, even if it was intended to be a good thing.

And so I switched gears and chose the BEAUTIFUL…



And my ohhhh MY! Has the sunflower become a huge, impacting symbol in my life! It follows me now! The sunflower has OFFICIALLY taken the spot of my favorite flower forever! (sorry blue hydrangeas D:).

It’s beauty just pulls me through, it lifts me up, and the meaning behind it gives me so much strength and encouragement.

Sunflowers represent loyalty, committment, cheeriness, joy, warmth, positivty, power and strength! All things I wanted my year to be FULL of! It also helps that it’s a summer flower, for a summer child like myself. 🙂


And with this year currently halfway through… I just look back at this first half and I’m just like…

Property of Tenor
Property of Tenor



lol If I had to explain January through June in a nutshell… that’s exactly what it felt like.

It most certainly felt like a rollercoaster, a wild goose chase, a mental WWE match if you will lol.

At the end of it…. I genuinely do feel like a new person. A very renewed person in life, my perspectives, in faith. I’ve been having a very faith-influenced month here lately since June lol.

Overall, I look at my word of the year now, and I truly am feeling the effects of it. I thought I was already breaking out of my cocoon the year before, but no!

This year I got sent RIGHT BACK and now I feel like I’m truly starting to break out into a beautiful butterfly. Those first 6 months were TURBULENT lol. Ya girl just couldn’t get it togethaaaaa!

Property of WiffleGiff


But now that I’m standing amidst more clarity, now I recognize the point behind it all. And even moreso, the reason behind putting up the fight and persevering.

You really do get stronger at the end of it. Battles aren’t thrown at you to break you. Battles are thrown at you so that you can start training for the WAR.

I mean think about it… what if Life just threw the war at you without any training? Then we’d REALLY be having a fit lol.


And the sunflower… lol.

I remember reading a quote somewhere on Google that said something like…

You know, a Sunflower will always end up facing the sun… but it’ll go through a lot of dirt to get there.



And boy, they weren’t kidding about that!


Well, I don’t really know what I was getting on about here. Turned out to be a lot of word salad but honestly… that’s the past 6 months in a nutshell. WORD SALAD.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Be of good courage and of good cheer! And I’ll see ya in my next post. 🙂


Love you. Mean it!


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